Medical Hypnosis
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Achieve your big goals through hypnosis. An expert Medical Hypnotherapist offers vital information about the benefits of hypnosis to help people reach their major goals and improve their lives.  In this program Ajamu Ayinde, A.C.H., dispels the myths about hypnosis and show you here exactly why this method of medicine is so beneficial for many people today.  You will watch Ajamu conduct a hypnosis session with his client to actually demonstrate its effectiveness.  Ajamu is a second generation altered states healer.  He learned the Silva Method from
his mother as a child.  Ajamu is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

His work has been featured in the Times Herald Record, New Paltz Times and on various radio and cable television shows.  He is a
regular contributor to The Bridge and The Unlimited Human, two national hypnosis publications.

Ajamu travels nationally and internationally to train health professionals in hypnotherapy.  He is a member of the National
Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


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Medical Hypnosis

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