Richard Wright:  Writing Is His Weapon
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This is the biography of famous African American novelist Richard Wright. A racist white man in the deep south told Wright:  "If I was a Nigger, I'd kill myself!"  These are the kind of racial insults renowned writer Richard Wright heard daily growing up in the segregated, deep south.  Back then a Black man could only go to the 7th grade.  What can you with a 7th grade education.  A Black man with a college education could only hope to be a preacher or teacher in the deep south.  But despite these nasty insults that tried to break his spirit, he refused to give in, give out or give up his dream of becoming a writer, to challenge and change to horrible conditions of Black people all over the south.  As a boy, Wright say first-hand how the sting of racial attacks can destroy a Black man.  His own father, greatly frustrated by the inability to financially provide for his son, Richard, as well as his wife, finally broke him down to the ground.  He just drank all day, refusing to go out and look for a job.  One day, he left the house and never came back.  Richard saw upclose how racism can ultimately kill a Black man's spirit to the point he just don't give a good f---- no mo'!

Wright overcame heated racism, inferior education, enormous poverty, hunger and a divided Black community, to miraculously find a way to teach himself how to write novels, when their were no Black writers publishing books at that time on any significant level.  This is the incredible TRUE tale of a heroic Black man who succeeded against all odds, when so many thousands of his own people all around him gave up.  Wright refused to surrender and ultimately became one of the greatest social and human rights writers ever.

Total Run Time:  93 minutes

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Richard Wright: Writing Is His Weapon

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