What's up with Hip hop? / Starring Chuck D, JayZ, 2Pac
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Get the message of what's goin' on in hip hop today, and why it's spiraled down to chaos and confusion, from legendary rap icon Chuck D.  See some hot videos of Jayz, 50 Cents, Tupac and other legends.  If you want to know what's up with hip hop culture and rap music, the controversy about rappers saying nigga and bitch, check out this program.  Chuck D helps you get connected on what's happening in the rap industry in an interview.  He addresses the money, materialism, the images and the effects of the commercial rap music on Black people and worldwide.  This is part of a series on hip hop by Rex Barnett, KING of Docs.

Approximate Run Time:  90 minutes


25 minutes of Extra Programs

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What's up with Hip hop? / Starring Chuck D, JayZ, 2Pac

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