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Chuck D: "Keep it locked right here on History On Video."


Hank Aaron Endorses BENJAMIN E. MAYS DVD

"I very much enjoyed viewing your highly informational film on Dr. Benjamin Mays.  This film is filled with an important part of Atlanta's history and should be viewed by everyone.  Thank you for the opportunity to view this unique piece of work."  Hank Aaron

President Carter Endorses BENJAMIN E. MAYS DVD

"Thank you for your recent letter to our offices.  President Carter was pleased to participate in the documentary honoring the late Dr. Benjamin Mays.  He commends you on the fine work that you did. " 

Faye Dill, Personal Assistant to 

 President Carter

Lerone Bennett Jr. Endorses MAYS

"Congratulations on the Mays video.  The disciples of Mays are indebted to you for your insight and perseverance.  EBONY, as you know, was the first major magazine to do a full-length story on Dr. Mays, "The Last of the Great Schoolmasters," and we are still receiving letters about that story.  We wish you well with the August telecast, and we regret that EBONY only sponsors the national TV programs produced and directed by Johnson Publishing Company."  

Lerone Bennett Jr., Executive Editor, EBONY

Mayor Maynard Jackson Endorses History On Video Project featuring Dr. Benjamin E. Mays:

"I am pleased to endorse the History On Video Project featuring Dr. Benjamin E. Mays which is being produced by Rex Barnett.   The production of this videotape series which presents Dr. Mays's life story and his tremendous contributions, is a well-documented testimony to one of this century's most prominent educators and influential leaders."  Mayor Maynard Jackson

Ramona Murphy:

"Thank you for your wonderful line of Black History DVD's.  My son enjoyed Ben Carson, so well that he wrote a two-page essay after viewing.  We have since purchased other great titles.  

Thank you again,

Sister Murphy

National Medical Association President Endorses CHARLES DREW 

"Charles Drew - Determined To Succeed, a 30-minute educational video, chronicles Dr. Drew's life, major accomplishments and achievements.  His contributions to blood banking and plasma research formed the foundation of today's speciality, transfusion medicine.  An outstanding surgeon, educator, and scientist, his legacy is that one can achieve in spite of adversity, racism and limited opportunities.  Remarks and analyses by Morehouse College professors, Dr. Lester Rodney and John Anderson add to clarity and meaningfulness of the videos.  Determined to Succeed is highly recommended to educators and students.  It is a "must" for the shelves of private, public and university libraries.  Calvin C. Sampson, MD, Editor-in-Chief


Charles R. Drew - Determined to Succeed

This is a 30-minute DVD that covers Dr. Drew's life, all of his major accomplishments and achievements.  His contributions to blood banking and plasma research are the foundation for the blood bank today.

Calvin C. Sampson, MD


National Medical Association

"If you don't know your past you don't know your future."

  Legendary American educator, Benjamin E. Mays, mentor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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